"NOT MADE ON MARS" is a concept about the origin of our clothing. With this project I want to create awareness for the fact that our clothes are made by humans and that it takes a lot of time, people and resources to design one simple garment.

In a way this collection is a form of activism to me and if I can only make one person think about the journey their clothes made before they ended up in their closet, it will be a success.

A project sponsored by EE labels. Special thanks to the Knitwear Lab & David van Dartel.

Currently studying at the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, expected to graduate in 2018 with a BA in fashion design.

At the academy we learn how to work from a concept, which teaches you that with every new idea you have to think back to the original one and see if it still makes sense. This gives you the opportunity to either tell a good story with a collection or to make the collection stand on its own, visually. I like to start my design processes by creating my own images, which gives me the freedom to turn my ideas into images. After that I start focussing on my materials I aspire to either create them myself or manipulate them in a way that is more me. These two together form a clear image to start designing. During this process I aim to think a couple of times about certain ideas, which often leads to better or improved ideas. I am a bit of a perfectionist therefore I do a lot of stuff twice. It makes my process so much more interesting and also makes me realise that my brain never stops working when focussing on a project. I always aspire to make it the best of me.